About Tecfortress

Tecfortress is an IT Infrastructure Management and IT Services company Which provides a wide range of IT related Services specially crafted to suite your needs.

Our services

01. IT Services

We provide software solutions for all kinds of business processes.May it be Web based or a desktop application.Talk to us and let our experts help you figure out what you really need.

A web site is the best and easiest way to advertise and expand your business with a larger community any other media.Still haven't got one ? or not happy with the web site you have? contact us and let our experts do the job. We design and develop websites in any language and platform with flash banners,jQuery , SEO etc.

02. IT Infrastructure Management

If you are looking to computerize your business, or is looking to upgrade an existing computer system Tecfortress can help you! We provide services covering the entire process from the initial network design, purchase of equipment, Setting up the required environment with the necessary standard wiring techniques and configurations and Setting up the organizational IT infrastructire, Domain setup, access control and email configurations.

Additionally we provide technical support for your organization with real time monitoring, remote troubleshooting and system maintenance.

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